Opening a New Book: The New Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook

Opening a New Book: The New Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook

For a little over a year Circa Sports has existed in 2 locations, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and the D Las Vegas. We opened the doors on June 1, 2019 and for the most part have not looked back. A lot of our thought process in starting our hole-in-the-wall sportsbook located in the oldest hotel in Las Vegas was to make as many mistakes as we could as quickly as we could. The importance of making these mistakes is that this is usually the best way to learn – and the often the only way to grow. We knew we had a year before we opened the doors across the street and stepped out onto the main stage at Circa Las Vegas.


The Growth of Circa | Sports

We began with an idea that if we took fair limits and treated all our customers with respect, then we would slowly but surely build a reputation in the industry as a sportsbook that did things the right way. We believe we have executed on this up to this point. Along the way, we have probably had more success than even we anticipated. Our message has resonated strongly within the sports betting community. We continue to be honored to have new customers walk through the door each day and make the choice to give us their business. We have undoubtedly made some mistakes as well, but I’d like to think we have learned from those mistakes, and gotten better every day. 

As we plan for the grand opening of Circa on October 28, we have the benefit of knowing so much more than we did a year ago. We are still a young company, but having that extra year under our belt will be invaluable as we attempt to scale our levels of customer service to new heights. We realize that the path forward to becoming who we want to be in the industry is not an easy one, nor is it an overnight journey. We continue to staff up so that we may offer even more great betting options for our customers. We approach each day realizing that we can always provide better service and create a better guest experience and will continue to put in the work to get better.


Welcome to the New Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook

As the new screens go up at Circa and the new employees are hired, it’s hard not to feel like we are on the cusp of really building something special. We don’t take lightly that with every day we are open people’s expectations of us rise, and we promise to do our best to not disappoint. We believe we are building something different, and I would like to personally invite each and every sports bettor in America to visit our new sportsbook and put us to the test. To our existing customers, as always, thank you for your business. We appreciate your support at all of our locations.


Hope to see you at Circa!

Matt (@MMpact)