Circa Sports Million V & Circa Survivor Pro Football Contests

2023 Circa Sports Pro Football Contests: Midseason Update

The 2023 Circa Sports Million V and Circa Survivor pro football contests are already off to an incredible start. With thousands of entries between the two, participants are vying for some serious bragging rights – and the collective $14 million between the two contests certainly doesn’t hurt. Now that we’re at the halfway point of this exciting pro football season, we’ve already seen some big wins and great performance in the Circa Sports Million contest.

How’s your season going? Are you still in the running to be the final entry in Circa Survivor? Or are you eyeing that $1 million Circa Million V grand prize? No worries if you’re falling behind – there are still some booby prizes on the line. Read on to see our Circa Million midseason update, and get ready for 


2023 Circa Sports Million V Standings


During Circa Sports Million V, each player makes five professional football picks against the spread each week. One point is awarded for each correct selection, and one-half point for each push. Bigger and better than ever, the competition is tough and the prize pool is big. A collective $6 million in payouts is up for grabs, including a $100,000 booby prize for last place and $50,000 booby prize for second to last in the full season. 

In addition to the ten big cash prizes awarded at the end of the season, cash prizes are awarded for Quarter MVP winners for a total of $1,200,000 across the whole season. Approximately every 4-5 weeks (weeks 1-4, 5-9, 10-13, and 14-18) the top score within each “Quarter” of the regular season will win a: $150K 1st Prize, $60K 2nd, $40K 3rd, $15k 4th, $10k 5th, and $25k quarterly booby prize for last place. 


Circa Million V Pro Football Contest 1st Quarter Winners


First Quarter Winners

OHIO MCGAHA BROS and ONE BAD MUTHA both went 17-3, taking home $105,000 each for tying for first place in the first quarter. In a four-way tie for third, BATCH9, FULCRUM, JT555., and LND22 each won $16,250 for their 16-3-1 first quarter finish.

With a record of 3-17, TAX THE RICH won the $25,000 first quarter booby prize.


Circa Million V Pro Football Contest 2nd Quarter Winners


Second Quarter Winners

Maybach went 21-4 in the second quarter and took home $150,000 for being sole first place. Both NOMADS and WHALES BET each went 20-4-1 during the second quarter and each entry took home $50,000 for tying for second place. Five other teams were also paid out as STUDLEY (at the Pass), JYD, GAMBINO, ZWEI BRUDER and BIG DUMB ONE all finished 20-5 and each won $5,000.

Meanwhile, JWALKER21 and BATCH9 went 4-21 during quarter 2 and both split the second quarter booby prize of $12,500.

BIG DUMB ONE and WHALES BET, who took home prizes in the second quarter, are also tied for 1st place in the full season standings with a record of 33-11-1, followed by 5 entries with a record of 32-11-2.

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Circa Sports Pro Football Contests


Every year, the Circa Sports pro football contests continue to be the most exciting weeks for sports betting enthusiasts. Whether you’re trying to outpick and outlast in Circa Survivor, playing the win the grand prize in Circa Million, aiming to snag the Circa Million booby prize, or are just tagging along to catch the action, following the action will make this pro football season the most exciting one yet. Be sure to follow Circa Sports for up-to-date weekly, quarterly, and all-season updates to see where you stack up.

When it comes to pro football betting, place your sports bets at Circa Las Vegas, the D, or one of the other Circa Sports locations in Las Vegas. Can’t make it in? Download the app on iOS/Android to place your bets in Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa.