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Week Two In Circa Survivor and Million

It’s week two of the season! And once again we’ll bring you the live look at the various plays in Circa Survivor. This week, we have one team dominating the picks. Buffalo has 40.3% of the picks, with New York at 17.8%


10:09 AM – Early worry for Buffalo. Las Vegas marched downfield and immediately scored for Las Vegas. Obviously early, but not what the 40.3% wanted to see early.


10:16 AM – While the 5th highest pick is a much smaller percentage than last week, 4.8% are on Detroit. Seattle scored on their first drive, as Kenneth Walker ran in from a yard out. Seattle has an early lead


10:20 AM – Interception for Buffalo! They’ll have a quick chance to score here and tie it up for those who took them in Survivor.


10:23 AM – Latavius Murray touchdown for the Buffalo. Took advantage of the turnover and tied up the game. Detroit also tied the game with a Josh Reynolds touchodwn.


10:43 AM – Buffalo looks like they’re in a rhythm. Once again they march downfield. Some nice playaction down near the goalline, Dawson Knox comes uncovered and Josh Allen finds him for a touchdown. It’s 14-7 Buffalo.


10:58 AM – A poor sequence for Seattle. Jason Myers misses a field goal. Then Detroit marches downfield, scores on a long touchdown to Khalif Raymond. Great flea-flicker by Detroit to take the 14-7 lead.


11:12 AM – It would have been a surprise a week ago to say that Tampa Bay would be a relatively highly-picked team in week 2. They were considered to be one of the worst teams in the league. 164 people, 2.3% of the field, picked Tampa this week. Chicago just hit a field goal to tie the game at 10.


11:23 AM – Josh Allen throws his second touchdown of the day. This one goes to Khalil Shakir, and it looks like it could be a sweat-free day for 40% of the field. Tampa kicked a field goal to send it to halftime, and leads 13-10.


11:48 AM – Detroit made up 4% of the field this week David Montgomery just ran in a touchdown to give them a 21-14 lead. And now Travis Kelce returns and scores a touchdown for Kansas City! They lead 14-6.


Speaking of Kansas City, they were one of the most-picked teams in Circa Million this week.



11:54 – Mike Evans scores a touchdown for Tampa Bay! Tampa was popular in both Survivor and Million, so there is a large group of contest players quite happy as Tampa goes up 20-10. And now Baltimore has scored a touchdown, it’s Mark Andrews. Not much relevant for contests there, but Baltimore takes a 10-point lead.


12:01 PM – Atlanta -1 was the third-most picked team in Circa Million, largely because of the Green Bay injuries and late movement towards Atlanta during the week. They may(?) have just scored a big touchdown that would give them a chance to tie the game (touchdown was overturned, they got a field goal). Oh, and there’s an interception by Buffalo. After the early games provided a ton of Survivor sweats last week, we’re not getting that in the early games this week.


12:15 PM – Ok, so while there aren’t any teams with 30+% sweating like last week, all of a sudden anyone who picked Detroit is sweating. Seattle is on the move, and are inside the red zone. 4.8% of the field has Detroit and over 1,000 has them -4.5 in Million. They aren’t covering right now.


12:23 PM – Tyler Lockett catches a touchdown pass and Seattle has taken a 24-21 lead! Entrants with Detroit in both contests aren’t feeling great, but it is still early in the fourth quarter.


12:30 PM – Atlanta trying to keep things interesting for those who picked them. Desmond Ridder runs in a touchdown (he’s not doing much through the air) and Atlanta has cut the lead to 24-19.


12:32 PM – Pick-six for Seattle! It’s the first interception of the season for Jared Goff. Seattle is up 10 with 8:04 left in the game. The 5th-most picked Survivor play and the 7th-most picked Million play may be going down.


12:41 PM – Detroit isn’t going down quietly. They marched downfield, found Josh Reynolds and now trail by 3 with 3:08 left in the game. Lots of people sweating out this one.


12:49 PM – Chargers are sending this one to overtime. Not much relevance for Survivor, but Tennessee +3 is a popular Million play. Coin toss is big for that.


12:55 PM – Detroit has roared back in this one. Disaster drive for Seattle, Detroit came downfield and kicked a field goal. This game looks like it’s heading towards overtime, and people with either Detroit -4.5 or Seattle +4.5 are suddenly much more alert. The way the Detroit offense has been moving, if Detroit wins the cointoss, a cover is in play.


1:06 PM – Tyler Lockett scores a touchdown in overtime. Seattle wins! 348 people out of Survivor on the Detroit pick.


1:08 PM – Atlanta just took the lead with a field goal with 58 seconds left in the game. Falcons -1 and Packers +1 would be a push.


1:15 PM – Falcons will escape with a 1-point win. That’s a push in Million. The big games to watch for Survivor in the late afternoon games are New York/Arizona and Denver/Washington


1:43 PM – New York is not looking good early. Arizona jumped out to a 7-0 lead and are driving again. 17.8% of the field are on New York.


1:47 PM – Joshua Dobbs! Unreal run by the journeyman quarterback. Arizona is up 14-0 on New York!


1:56 PM – While New York backers aren’t thrilled, 847 Denver backers, the 3rd-most picked team in Survivor, sure are. Long touchdown from Wilson to Mims, and Denver is up 14-3 on Washington.


2:05 PM – If you are curious about the full lists, you can find them every week for Circa Survivor here. You can find the full list for Circa Million here.


2:12 PM – There was a lot of talk about the Cardinals being the worst team in football coming in. I’m not sure that anyone expected that in week 2, they could pass that torch to their opponents. Daniel Jones just threw a pass to Barkley that went through his hands, it was an interception. It’s possible that New York goes 6 straight quarters to start the season without scoring.


2:15 PM – Denver extends their lead. Commanders have no answers for Russell Wilson today as he throws another touchdown pass.


2:34 PM – San Francisco decided to go for it instead of kicking a field goal at the end of the half. They end up scoring on the play on a Brock Purdy sneak. 343 entrants happy about that decision by Kyle Shanahan.


2:38 PM – Surprisingly, 710 people used Dallas this week. I say surprisingly because they are one of the teams expected to be favored on Thanksgiving, and thus many people are saving them for that day. However, against Zach Wilson and New York, it’s certainly a fine survive-and-advance play. They scored a touchdown, and then got a 2-point conversion after a penalty put them on the 1 for the play. They lead 18-7.


2:44 PM – New York is alive! It took them over 1 1/2 games, but they Daniel Jones had a nice run for a touchdown. Arizona leads 20-7. Washington scored as well, and currently trail 21-11.


2:56 PM – Washington won’t go down quietly. Field goal before halftime. It’s 21-14 Denver. It’s now a bit of a sweat.


3:23 PM – Forget a bit of a sweat. People who picked Denver are now not feeling good. Beautiful pass from Howell to McLaurin, and Washington has tied this game. 847 entrants are on Denver. 1,021 entrants in Million are on Denver -3.5.


3:38 PM – Washington misses a field goal after a sack/fumble forced them into a long attempt. It’s still 21-21. Meanwhile, New York continues to chip away at Arizona’s lead. That lead is down to 28-21, with 8:51 left in the game.


3:51 PM – New York went scoreless for their first six quarters of the season. They were left for dead in this game. They have come all the way back. It’s 28-28 with 4:25 left in the game. 1,292 people in the contest have gone nuts. The sportsbook is buzzing. What an unreal turnaround.


3:57 PM – 847 people are on Denver. They were feeling good up 21-3. They are now not feeling good. For the first time today, Washington has taken the lead after a Brian Robinson touchdown.


4:09 PM – Every Survivor winner has some sort of miracle game. A game where they thought their entry was dead, but they managed to survive. This could be one of those games. New York just kicked a field goal with 19 seconds left to take a 31-28 lead. 1,292 people are on New York. Once we get to December, we’ll see if any of these entrants are still in.


4:14 PM – 1,292 people are happy right now. 847 are despondent. Washington just scored another touchdown, this time Brian Robinson Jr again, and Denver trails 35-24 with 7:11 left in the game. Granted, we’re seeing a miracle with New York. Denver could see a miracle as well. However, it doesn’t look great.


4:26 PM – For the 739 people on San Francisco in Million…I’m sorry. For the 668 on Los Angeles….congrats! Sean McVay calls for a meaningless (to the game) field goal with no time left to cover the 7.5 point spread. He’s going to get a few questions about that in the postgame press conference for sure.




4:45 PM – They will not send it to overtime. Wow. No flag? Washington wins, 35-33.