Week One From Circa Sports!

It’s been seven long months since the last Sunday with football. Fans have been waiting for this day all summer. It’s here now, Circa Sportsbook is packed, and I’ll be bringing you the scene from the sportsbook live!

Of course, we’ll be monitoring the biggest games for the Contests, Circa Survivor and Circa Million. The three biggest games to watch for Circa Survivor are Washington/Arizona, Baltimore/Houston and Minnesota/Tampa Bay.

Circa Survivor picks week one

The Week One selections for Circa Survivor


10:05 AM – We’re off! A huge cheer raised from the book as the first Sunday of the year began. The games have kicked off, the sportsbook is packed.

10:10 AM – The first touchdown of the day! It’s Brandon Aiyuk catching a touchdown as San Francisco gets on the board. San Francisco marched downfield quickly against a Pittsburgh team that was the second most popular play in Circa Million.


10:19 AM – San Francisco continues to look good, as they just picked off Kenny Pickett. And now Baltimore throws an interception in the Red Zone. Baltimore was the second most popular pick in Circa Survivor.


10:22 AM – Calvin Ridley is back after serving his gambling suspension and catches a touchdown! Jacksonville takes a 7-0 lead on Indianapolis.


10:32 AM – Washington was the #1 play in Circa Survivor. They just took the lead over, as Sam Howell found Brian Robinson for a touchdown. Some claps from the sportsbook, but nothing big quite yet. But there’s a reaction for a beautiful touchdown from the rookie Bijan Robinson (no relation to Brian).


10:44 AM – It’s Brandon Aiyuk again! Beautiful grab at the side of the end zone. There is definitely a pro-San Francisco contingent in the book, as his two touchdowns have received two of the bigger cheers from the book.


10:56 AM – It’s a good day for rookies so far! Jordan Addison catches a touchdown from Kirk Cousins, and Minnesota takes a 7-3 lead over Tampa Bay. Over 1,000 people are on Minnesota in Circa Survivor.


11:25 AM – People who have Baltimore are squirming a bit right now. The offense has not looked crisp. Baltimore was favored by 6.5 in the first half, which won’t hit. They were favored for the full game by 9.5, and were a popular play in Survivor. They only lead 7-6 at halftime after that field goal by Houston.


11:27 AM – And there’s a touchdown catch from Mike Evans! Minnesota sweating now too. There was serious carnage in Circa Survivor in week one last year. As we near halftime for the early games, that carnage is still in play. And now the Cardinals have taken the lead! Washington trails. Baltimore only leads by one. Minnesota is tied.


11:33 AM – Huge reaction from the book as Kirk Cousins throws a pick in the red zone. After a long pass to Justin Jefferson, it looked like Minnesota was going to take the lead back. But Tampa stepped up with an interception. And there’s a rushing touchdown for Cleveland from Deshaun Watson! Cincinnati is looking rather lifeless right now.


11:51 AM – Sigh of relief from those who had Baltimore in Survivor. Justice Hill runs in a short touchdown and the Baltimore lead is now 9 after Baltimore got a 2-point conversion.


11:57 AM – WHAT A RUN BY CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY! Probably the most electric play we’ve seen so far today. Just how good is this San Francisco offense?


Noon – Trey Palmer just caught a touchdown. Tampa Bay has the lead over Minnesota. The Commanders are down 6. There are a mix of Survivor entrants and Vikings fans not happy right now in the Sportsbook.


12:21 PM – The Vikings fight song is being sung in the sportsbook as they tied the game at 17. Still 13:37 left in the game.


12:23 PM – Huge play for Washington and those who had Washingotn in Survivor. They sack Joshua Dobbs and recover the fumble. They’re already deep in Arizona territory to start their drive, down 6.


12:31 PM – You could hear the Washington Survivor group come alive as Sam Howell ran in a touchdown. That one came from all over the book. Washington now has the lead, 17-16, in the fourth quarter.


12:44 PM – The Dawg Pound is making their presence felt at Circa. Harrison Bryant caught a touchdown shortly after the Browns forced a turnover on downs. They’re up 24-3. Meanwhile, the 49ers picked off Kenny Pickett again.


12:47 PM – It’s coming down to crunch time. Minnesota/Tampa Bay and Washington/Arizona have taken over the big center screens as people sweat out their Survivor plays.


12:50 PM – Washington forces another turnover with 4:38 left in the game! Big cheer, including from Derek Stevens, from the crowd. And now a groan as Tampa Bay kicked a field goal to take a 20-17 lead with 5:10 left over Minnesota.


12:58 PM – There are a lot of people on Jacksonville, whether it’s straight bets or part of Million (Jacksonville -4.5 was the 3rd most-picked side in Million). They just scored a touchdown to go up 10, and the book errupted.


1:04 PM – We have our first huge Survivor loss of the season. Chris Godwin converted a first down with under two minutes left, and that will ice the game. 1044 people were on Minnesota, 11.3% of the field.


1:09 PM – Survive and advance. That’s the name of the game. Washington wins, 20-16, over Arizona, and the #1 pick in Survivor wins.


1:19 PM – The first set of games are over. If you look at the top picks during the first wave, Pittsburgh and Washington didn’t cover. Cleveland, Jacksonville and Atlanta all covered.

Here are the lines to watch in the next group:
Chicago -1 vs Green Bay
Philadelphia -3.5 vs New England


1:44 PM – Pick-Six for Philadelphia! Darius Slay Jr picked off Mac Jones and was able to weave his way through to the endzone. Philadelphia already up 10-0.


1:47 PM – Green Bay is on the board. Jordan Love to Romeo Doubs. The Minnesota contingent has been replaced by a big group of Green Bay fans who are going nuts right now.


2:49 PM – It’s been a relatively quiet first half in these late afternoon games. However, Kendrick Bourne just caught a touchdown, and Philadelphia’s lead is down to 16-14.


3:22 PM – Things are getting interesting in Seattle. Seattle was the 4th most-picked team in Survivor, accounting for a little more than 6% of the field. They trail 17-13 right now. Also, Las Vegas just threw a pick in the end zone as they were trying to take the lead over Denver.


3:49 PM – It’s officially moved from interesting to nerve-wracking for anyone who has Seattle in Survivor. Cam Akers just scored a touchdown, and Seattle trails 24-13 with 9:45 left in the game.


3:53 PM – The Dolphins-Chargers game doesn’t have major implications for Million or Survivor. But man is it a fun game. Joshua Kelley just plunged in to put Los Angeles back on top, 31-27.


3:55 PM – It’s been a long day for our soon-to-be-friends at Circa Sports Illinois. Justin Fields just threw a pick-6. Chicago trail 37-16


4:16 PM – Things are getting interesting in the Philadelphia/New England game. New England just scored a TD. the line was anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5. They’re going for 2, which would cut the lead to 3….and they miss it. Philadelphia still leads by 5.


4:19 PM – Ok, now it’s REALLY interesting in New England. Jalen Hurts just fumbled. New England recovered. This is going to come down to the wire.


4:29 PM – Tyreek Hill is so good. If Miami wins, he’s almost single-handedly doing it himself. They just took the lead, though a missed extra point could factor in. Los Angeles were favored by 3. Miami leads by 2 with 1:45 left.


4:39 PM – Philadelphia will hold on. Miami wins. Just one more game left on this Sunday. Already we saw the 3rd and 4th most-picked teams in Survivor get knocked out. What will tonight hold?